Champion territory was short-lived for Heidi Newfield in the Country Whuppin'. Online fans came from miles around to support new artist, Bill Gentry, making him the new champ with about 60% of the vote. Bill brings his debut tune, "That Kind Of Life" into battle against a heavy hitter named Bocephus in today's Country Whuppin' brought to you by Cleaver's Prime Sandwiches and Salads.

Champion - Bill Gentry "That Kind Of Life"


Anywhere between mainstream country and Aretha Franklin-style soul, that's where you'll find Bill Gentry's music. Not only is Bill a preacher's son, but a former politician and a club owner. That's some kind of resume for this guy, who word has it, performs with the intensity close to Mark Miller of Sawyer Brown. His debut single is called "That Kind Of Life."

Challenger - Hank Williams Jr. "That Ain't Good'

What can you say about Hank Williams Jr. that hasn't already been said. A lot of the stuff that's already been said, I can't say on the radio. One thing that Hank's never been scared to do is speak his mind when something "Ain't Good." I'm sure that's why he had no problem writing and performing this song. In classic Bocephus style, it's "That Ain't Good."


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