Dylan Scott rallied with the support of his online fans and took the title from Aaron Lewis.  'Makin' This Boy Go Crazy' now heads into the next challenge coming from another new artist, Justine Blazer and 'Amen For The Weekend'

Champion - Dylan Scott "Makin' This Boy Go Crazy'


His big, unique voice and infectious smile should be enough to make Dylan Scott the next big superstar.  This young singer/songwriter has a bright enough future on that alone, but add in a catchy song like his debut single, and he might just set the country world on fire.  If you think Dylan is the next big star, vote now!

Challenger - Justine Blazer "Amen For The Weekend"


Facebook / Justine Blazer

If I had to pick a term to describe Justine Blazer, it would be self-made.  I watched this young lady do her thing at the CMA Music Fest and it was her hard work that made it happen.  She and her band worked that crowd without the assistance of a crew 'handlers.'  She also knows how to write and perform with passion and energy.  This weekend anthem could be the beginning of big things for this Michigan native.  What do you think?


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