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Beer Drinking, Small Town Values

Corey Cox was born in small-town USA, in the middle of Indiana, where people work hard, thank God, love their neighbors, support their towns and those in need, and drink beer.  Corey is made of those characteristics.  He lives life by the lessons he learned from living in the small town of Pendleton, from his hard-working family,  and from playing baseball there and at Anderson University.  It is from that small town background that he gets inspiration to write his music about love, heartbreak, human values of Midwesterners, and drinking beer.

When Corey Cox finished his performance that opened the show at Sugarland’s recent concert in Indianapolis, he walked off the stage in front of 18,000 people to find Tom Hanks and wife, Rita Wilson, at the bottom of the stage stairs to greet him with a firm hand shake, some hugs, and complements about his songs and his performance.  That show, that crowd, and the celebrity of those who rushed to greet Corey were huge, but that reaction to his performance was not new for Corey.  Corey gets that response from someone new at every show.  Corey is a superior performer of great music.  He is likeable, approachable, and a better performer than most of his peers.  People who know entertainment (people like Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson; and college-aged kids who love music; and their parents) love Corey Cox and his music.