Law Enforcement on the local and state level will be keeping their eyes open for drivers not  wearing their safety belt while traveling the states highways and byways.

I'll admit, in this day and age, the fact that authorities have to remind the public to wear their seat belts surprises me a bit, considering what we know about their effectiveness in saving lives. Personally, I don't even start my truck until I put my seat belt on. That whole fear-of-flying-through-the-windshield-and-dying-in-the-event-of-an-accident thing is enough for me to "click it".

Obviously, not everyone thinks the way I do which is why you'll see increased police presence on Indiana roads over the next couple of weeks. Officers will be on the streets around the clock searching for unrestrained motorists. So don't think that you can wear your seat belt at noon, but not at 2am. They'll be out there looking for you regardless of what time it is, so be safe and buckle up for your next trip.