Even though it was only the 4th of May (May the 4th be with you), some of the crazy guys here at our radio station, me included, constructed some fabulous facial landscaping in honor of 'Cinco De Mustache.' It's basically a made up event, where we don a 'stache, go to Hacienda to celebrate, and take donations from our co-workers for St. Jude as they vote for the best lip-warmer.

Take a look at our ugly mugs, vote for your favorite, and if you wish, make a donation to St. Jude for yourself below.  We raised $90 just in the building and Mike was the winner!

Eric and The Pencil Thin

Ben and the Corrupt Cop

Jason and the Circus Strongman

Mike and the Mechanic

Corey and the Hardened Criminal

JD and the Teenage Dream

Comment below on your favorite and make a donation to St. Jude by clicking here.