Have you ever watched a commercial and thought, "Did I just hear THAT?" Well, the current Chuck E. Cheese commercial sent me into a tizzy! See if you - people who try to teach your children good grammar - feel the same.

Can you BELIEVE that? FUNNER??? REALLY?!?!?!??!?! Are you kidding me?

Yes funner IS a word. It was not at first but the word became popular and now it IS in the dictionary. The word "fun" is fun and "funner" is MORE fun, which is how they used it and now its just "funner".

But remember, just because a word appears in the dictionary because of frequent use, doesn't make it right! For those of who studied REAL grammar, it will always be and sound incorrect. Are we NOW teaching our young children that speaking in an uneducated yet, cool way is FUN? Please!!!