I’ve already done a spotlight on Chris Lane, but Friday I had the chance to spend some time with him and had so much fun, I NEEDED to do another! I got Chris and his tour manager, Brandon Matthews, to come in before the show and I had no idea I was going to learn as much as I did. Actually, I learned more than I wanted to ;)

I asked Chris to tell me a quick backstory as to how he got where he is today. His version is so much funnier than what is on his website! Chris grew up playing sports and never even thought about music. He even enrolled in college just so he could play baseball. The thing about college though, is that you actually have to take classes there. Crazy, I know! Chris graduated from the University of North Carolina Charlotte with a degree in Geography, which he’s clearly putting to good use ;) According to Brandon, he’s not real sure how he managed to graduate considering he knows NOTHING about geography!

Courtesy of Big Loud Mountain

Chris wasn’t sure what to do after college, so he started helping his dad do landscaping. It was around that time that he started learning the guitar, while his twin brother got into the drums. According to Chris, they were BAD, real bad! They got their first show, but they were told they couldn’t have a band with 2 people. That wasn’t going to stop Chris. Why find real musicians when you can just hire people to hold the instruments? Well, that’s exactly what Chris did! He hired two additional people to get on stage with them and pretend to play an instrument. It was pretty awful… Thankfully, he had a lot of support from friends and family and more and more places started calling because they wanted the business. Chris decided that this was something he wanted to pursue and finally hired real musicians who knew what they were doing to join them.

Courtesy of Big Loud Mountain

Chris is honestly one of the sweetest guys I’ve ever met. We try to stay in touch, and one way we do that is by following each other on Twitter. I laughed during my interview with him because he had sent me a tweet, and within seconds I had one of his fan pages following me! I asked Chris what the craziest thing a fan has ever done was and his response… kinda grossed me out! Chris said that at a recent show, somebody threw a pair of panties up on stage. WHAT!? Ladies, or guys… I don’t know why you think people like that, but they don’t, I promise! Chris took his set list, picked them up, and asked the crowd who they belonged to. Nobody claimed them, obviously! When Chris got off stage, everybody was giving him a hard time about using a set list to pick them up. Are you nuts?! I can’t believe he even picked them up!

I asked Chris what his favorite part about being on tour with Brian and Tyler was, and he said that this, so far, has been the highlight of his career. “Playing the shows, being able to hang out with Brian and Tyler every day and having them call me back up on stage to sing a song with them to a sold-out arena, you can’t beat that. They’re overly friendly guys and they’ve helped me out so much.” Chris likes playing small bars and different clubs, but he loves the stadiums. Check out the video I recorded below of Chris singing 'Dirt Road Anthem' with Colt Ford! There's no denying that knows how to work the crowd.

I wanted to have a little fun with the guys, so I started throwing Chris some random questions. Dogs or cats? Dogs. Ford or Chevy? He almost screwed this one up… Chris drives a Ford, but wants a Chevy. I can accept that ;) He loves the Chevy Silverado, and he WILL have one. Roller coasters or waterparks? Waterparks. Rollercoasters scare him. Hunting or fishing? Hunting. He likes playing golf in his spare time, but he wouldn’t say if he was good or not. Drive or fly? Drive. He’s not a good flyer. Saved by the Bell was his favorite show growing up, and Kelly was his first true love. His favorite show now is the Walking Dead, but, he’s a sucker for the Bachelor. The Bachelor… I know. Brandon was pretty embarrassed for him, but then Chris turned around and sold him out! Apparently Brandon is into the Bachelor too! Go figure ;)

Chris is currently working on a new album set to be released later this year, so when I hear from the guys, I’ll be sure to let ya know! Until then, you can check out the video I recorded below when Florida Georgia Line pulled Chris and Colt on stage at their concert at the Ford center last week.