Chris Lane learned a lesson the hard way. If you mention someone famous in your song, put them in your music video! He  had a huge hit on his hands with his song, "Fix", in which the song references Walter White, a character played by Bryan Cranston. Chris was going to ask Bryan to be in the video to his song "Fix", but then chickened out because he was afraid that he would get rejected by Walter White himself.

In case you don't know the background:  The song features the line "Walter White high," which is a reference to Bryan's character in Breaking Bad. Walter was one bad dude in that show, and you didn't want to get on his bad side. You also never should doubt Walter White or Bryan Cranston Chris Lane did.

Chris said, quote, "I wanted that to happen so bad.  But we were just like, 'He's not gonna do it.  Let's not even waste our breath on it.'"

You miss 100% of the shots that you don't take in life...and Chris missed out on a big one because Bryan happened to be a fan of the song. He actually saw the music video, and upon seeing it, he decided to send Chris Lane a message...

Some people have to learn their lesson the hard way like Chris did.

This video would have been awesome had Bryan Cranston made an appearance....not as awesome as Breaking Bad was...but still, pretty awesome!