The other day on the air, the topic of Halloween came up and Leslie suggested we spend the night in a cemetery over Halloween and check out some of the folklore, rumors and stories that seem to be tied to cemeteries. We even heard from a listener who is an amateur paranormal investigator who said he would love to participate and would bring some equipment for monitoring purposes.

I said I would NOT want to do that, mainly because I am not real comfortable in cemeteries, but there is another reason that I did not discuss on air, one that I'm willing to come clean about here.

First of all, I don't care for cemeteries for obvious reasons related to the contents of a cemetery, as I think a lot of people are for the same reason. It has nothing to do with the spirit world, which I do not believe in. I have no fear whatsoever about a potential encounter with a spirit because I don't believe it will happen... ever!

The main reason I avoid cemeteries outside of a funeral or a to visit a grave, is because I believe a cemetery is a place of respect and solitude for the living and is something very personal for those people who have loved ones there. It can be a place of closure, peace, comfort and maybe even reconciliation, and those moments are usually very private and profoundly personal.

I lost my dad in 2002 and because he is buried in California, I have only been back for a visit a few times. But when I do visit the cemetery, I want to be alone with my thoughts and emotions. I would not take kindly to someone in the same area conducting some sort of paranormal experiment, filming a TV show or documentary or playing some sort of game or prank - but that's just me.

It is important to understand that what works for some, may not work for others. What I describe above is just how I feel and it’s only my opinion. I am keenly aware that not everyone shares my opinion and that works for me. I am not saying those things are wrong by any stretch, but they are wrong for me and what could be wrong with that?

I like to have fun and do different things just like everyone else, but when it comes to my principles and beliefs, I draw a line there and crossing that line does not work for me. I'm not trying to be a buzz-kill, really, I can be a fun guy, but this issue is one of only a few that I believe in so strongly.

Sorry, Leslie, the cemetery is out, but I am all about spending the night in a haunted structure, even though I know nothing will happen. Thanks for reading.