Guy Talk with Dave and Travis
Guys constantly wonder what women talk about when they are together. Do women wonder the same about guys? Travis and Dave give you an insight on what guys talk about. Spoiler Alert: we are pretty random!
Travis Pranks The Q Crew [Video]
A little birdie told me that Dave and Leslie had plans of trying to prank me with a snake. After hearing this, I decided to attack Dave and Leslie before they got me...sneak attack!
Travis Pranks Melissa [Video]
Sometimes it can get a little boring at the office. This morning I needed some excitement. I figured scaring Melissa Brooks would be a great way to kick off this Monday morning....and was it ever!
Digital Job Hub – Find Your New Job Here
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Leslie’s Lovin It – Empty Office Coffee Pot Solution
Is there that one person in your office who will drink the last cup of coffee and NOT make a new pot? We have one of those at our Townsquare Media offices. It drives us all crazy!  Even more frustrating, we have no idea who it is.
A very helpful and smart member of our team has figured out how t…
Leslie Unleashed – Labels Put on Women
Being a strong female, in a male dominated work environment, can be frustrating. Don't get me wrong, being a female is great! But trying to stand your ground, be aggressive, have ambition, or even expressing your femininity can leave you feeling beaten down by those who insist on labeling women…

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