Brad Paisley Could Be a New Judge on American Idol
American Idol will look very different next year in terms of the judges. Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler both announced they would not be returning as judges next season. We now know that Mariah Carey has signed on as a new judge, but that leaves one open slot that could be filled by …
Taylor Swift Goes Brunette for CoverGirl
Taylor Swift isn’t the kind of girl who gets stuck in a beauty rut. Just when we get used to a signature Swift hairstyle or makeup routine, she’s bound to change it up on us. Last year, she threw country music fans a curveball by cutting straight bangs into her previously always-curly blonde hair. N…
Steven Tyler Quits ‘American Idol’
Steven Tyler has announced that he will not return for a third season as a judge on ‘American Idol.’ Instead of spending another year hosting a bland televised singing competition, the Aerosmith frontman will focus on what we all know he was put on this earth to do.
I Want DirecTV and Viacom To Shut Up And Play Nice
I have never witnessed anything like it in my life.  My TV was fighting with itself last night.  One graphic crawled across the screen telling me how evil DirecTV was and that they would drop a bunch of channels, and that I should call a number and switch providers.  Another crawl appeared underneat…

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