Best Bartender Ever [VIDEO]
While putting myself through college I worked as a server, cocktail waitress and bartender at Chi Chi's. Remember Chi Chi's???? Bartending was by far the most fun. And this guy, is not only having fun, but he's fun to watch!!!!
American Idol Report – Who Is In The Finals?
I can't say the top 3 of this year's American Idol is a surprise, but at the same time I thought we'd see folks like Colton and Skylar here...heck I even thought Shannon had a chance before she butchered the opening rounds.  But, we have Joshua, Jessica, and Phillip.  Who go…
American Idol Report – Top Four
After seeing the top 4 perform on American Idol last night, this just keeps getting harder.  Last week, I put Skylar at the top of my list to stay and she was eliminated.  This week, I'm even more confused as to who should be in the finals, but I'll take another shot at it this w…
Blake Shelton And Cee Lo Green May Duet
Last night on  ‘The Voice‘  the remaining contestant for each of the four music judges perofrmed. Tonight, a winner will be crowned!! You would think that the stiff competition between country superstar Blake Shelton and R&B crooner Cee Lo Green for bragging r…

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