Merry Christmas! Humbug!
As you know, when speaking of Christmas, or anything joyous, well except for South Carolina and Jake Gyllenhall, Jon is all HUMBUG! In fact, his nickname around the studio IS 'Scrooge.' Remember how many times I have asked for a raise? LOL!
Would You Want a DVR That Could Hear and See You at Home?
You might be wondering about the title question and what it means. Well, Verizon has apparently filed a patent for a DVR that can actually watch and hear everything that is going on in your living room...everything! They claim the technology would be used to to give you targeted ads depending on wha…
WKRP Turkey Drop – One Of The Greatest TV Episodes Ever
Even though radio has changed a lot over the years, one thing is for sure.  We will all do a promotion we will regret.  Most of the radio people I know only wish they were a part of the WKRP In Cincinnati staff, especially during this famous Turkey-day episode.  Here is the Turkey Dro…
Killer Karaoke Premieres Friday Night
This Friday night is the much anticipated premiere of the new show 'Killer Karaoke' on truTV. As we told you in a previous post, the main premise of the show is to sing your favorite song Karaoke style and keep singing, while encountering some pretty scary stuff. No matter what happens, yo…
Sesame Street In Search of New Elmo Voice After Kevin Clash Resigns
As most of the adult world know by now, Sesame Street's Elmo has been in the news a lot lately. As a result, Kevin Clash, who has been the voice of Elmo for more than 28 years, has resigned leaving Sesame Street to search for the new voice of Elmo. Personally, I think they should take a serious…
Luke Bryan on the CMA Red Carpet for Ellen [VIDEO]
Luke Bryan is close to being the perfect man. What woman can resist a man who can sing, dance, has a sense of humor, is charming, intelligent AND smokin' HOT? Nobody! Not even me OR Ellen. Once again, Ellen asked Luke to be her CMA Correspondent on the Red Carpet. Take a look!
Fox Halloween Comedy Quiz
Fox 44 invites you to Treat Yourself to A Night of Comedy with their hilarious Tuesday night comedies.  Catch four shows with a special Halloween theme tonight starting at 7pm Central and you could win big prizes.

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