Danny Thomas, a Man of Laughter Before Hope
The man who started St Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis, TN, was first a nightclub comedian who became a very successful television star and producer. His career spanned five decades. My grandparents and parents loved him.Take a look at the man who made millions laugh all over the w…
Superheroes Golden Girls Parody – Super Golden Friends [VIDEO]
Do you ever wonder what would happen when the superheroes we know and love get a little older.  I know, it seems like every time we turn around they get younger and the movies get done over and over, but I see a new series where Batman, Superman and others become senior citizens and live togeth…
What’s On TV Besides The Super Bowl On Sunday?
While most of the TV watching population is watching the 49ers and the Ravens duke it out in the Super Bowl on Sunday evening, there are some people that could care less about football.  So, what is there on TV for the folks other than the 110 million watching the big game...
American Idol Judges – Ranked Best To Worst
On the cusp of a new season of American Idol headed our way next week, including 3 new judges, I've decided to rank the past judges of American Idol from worst to first.  It reamins to be seen how Keith Urban, Nikki Minaj, and Mariah Carey will rank, but until then, here is my opinion.

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