American Idol Season 12 Top 8 – Motown is Less (Town)
Maybe I was already tired, and that was the problem, but there was really nothing on last night's American Idol top 8 performance show that made me jump up and say 'wow!'  I'm also not sure this solved any mysteries as to who might go home and who might stay.  As a matt…
Jason Aldean and Coors are a Perfect Match
Jason Aldean is featured in the new Coors commercial. And, if you ask me, the two are the perfect match. In the ad, the country cowboy meets the cowboy of the slopes. Both rugged, strong, fearless and did I mention HOT??? :-)
American Idol Season 12 Top 9 – Bigger Than The Beatles
I will probably get hate mail for saying this, but I have never been a big fan of The Beatles.  I have thought from time to time, they were quite overrated.  It took last night's American Idol to realize, it's the performance of the The Beatles I don't enjoy.  The songs…

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