‘Red Band Society’ Debuts On Fox Tonight
I had a chance to visit with Fox 44 today and preview some of this season's new shows.  One of those shows was 'Red Band Society.'  This show is set in a children's hospital with several adolescent patients in for the long haul.  That may sound dark and depressing …
Coca-Cola Brings Back Surge [VIDEO]
Several months ago, I pleaded on my 'Bring It Back' series, for my favorite drink growing up to return.  It appears as if my demands have been answered, as Coca-Cola is bringing back Surge!
Interview With Junior Edwards From Swamp People [LISTEN]
He lives in the swamp.  He picks alligator eggs.  He catches crawfish.  "...and that's about it," says Junior Edwards of the History Channel show, Swamp People.  He and his family will be headed to Evansville for the Evansville Outdoor Expo this Sunday for …

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