Should the State Cover the Cost of Textbook Rental in Indiana?
The debate about textbook rental fees in Indiana schools has been raging for years with good arguments on both sides. According to the State Constitution of 1816, public education is to be provided free of charge, which makes you wonder about the policy of parents paying huge fees for the use of tex…
Using Drones to Photograph Weddings is Illegal
Hiring a photographer for your wedding is one of the most important decisions for your big day, but before you do, make sure how you want it photographed is legal. Wait....what? One of the hottest fads right now for wedding photography is the use of drones for spectacular overhead views.
Killer Whale Shows Could be Going Away at Sea World
Imagine a world,  Sea World actually, without Shamu The Killer Whale. If one California lawmaker has his way, killer whale shows would end at Sea World in San Diego. A bill being introduced in the California State Assembly, bill AB2140, could prohibit Sea World from keeping killer whales in cap…

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