Should The Drinking Age Be Lowered To 18? [Poll]
The debate about lowering the drinking age to 18 has been raging for years. For the most part, the minimum drinking age is 21, but there are some provisions that vary from state to state about the consumption of alcohol under the age of 21.
Should Wearing Saggy Pants In Public Be Banned? [Poll]
We have all seen it, that one guy who wears his pants so low, three-quarters of his underwear is in plain view. Some of these people wear their pants SO low that if it were not for their underwear, we would see a lot more of them than we would want or even need to see. Some say it's offensive and sh…
Crude Oil Prices Down – Gas Prices Up – Whose To Blame? [Poll]
Gas prices have again spiked at around $4 a gallon and in some cases, a little higher. Americans are really feeling the pinch this time around, but what is interesting is that crude oil prices are actually down a little. Gas prices are up almost 30 cents in the last month and most people are unhappy…
Little Known Facts About Uncle Sam
Uncle Sam celebrates his debut today!! And, as I was trying to find a picture of him, I found out that ‘Uncle Sam’ was a real person, Samuel Wilson, born September 13th, 1766 and died on July 31st, 1854.
Rick Santorum ‘Game On’ Song Video Goes Viral [Video]
We are of course are in the midst of a presidential election year and the republican candidates have provided some memorable and some not so memorable moments so far. This post IS NOT...and I repeat IS NOT an endorsement of Rick Santorum by any stretch of the imagination, but the below vid…
How Much Is Too Much To Pay For Gas? [POLL]
On the show this morning, we talked about the price of gas decreasing for the first time in 27 days. Granted it ONLY decreased by a penny on average, BUT it went down. Now, Jon has predicted that by Memorial Day, gas will be $5.04 a gallon.  CRAP!!!  I hope he's wrong!!
Men Are Covered More By Insurance For Sex Health Services
I read about this recently and it burnt my BUTT!!!!!!!  Right now, there is quite a political debate going on about whether birth control should be covered by insurance companies. Interestingly, when it comes to MALE sexual health services, there are MANY things covered -- and NO…

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