Your Guide to the Poisonous Snakes of Indiana
Some people have a fear of snakes. I am one of those people. Well, actually I’m not as much afraid of snakes as I am afraid of being bit by one. It’s sort of like being afraid of heights, but in reality it’s really about not wanting to fall…or m…
‘Friday After Five’ Hosting Boat Parade
During the Summer, the Owensboro riverfront is the place to be every Friday evening. The Friday After Five evenings are an incredible, music filled, food truck blessed, family friendly, community event. Now, they have something planned for Ohio River boaters!! Make a plan to be a part of the boat pa…
DIY Natural Tick Repellent
The ticks are bad this year!! The bite of a tick can be fatal, depending on the kind of tick and how long the bite goes unnoticed. Try this natural solution will keep the ticks off of you, your kids and pets.

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