Is Black Friday Holiday Shopping a Thing of the Past?
The 'Christmas Creep', the time of the year we start seeing signs of Christmas, gets earlier and earlier every year. You can start seeing Christmas items on store shelves sometimes as early as mid-summer. You know, that small corner in the back of the store that you see in late July that j…
Pizza Delivery Guy Gets a Magical $100 Tip That Is Real
People who rely on tips for a living have my complete respect. My wife and I are good tippers and hate to see servers and other tip dependent workers get hosed. It was brought to my attention the other day that pizza delivery people really get short changed. October is National Pizza Month and one m…
Zombie Explains Sprint Unlimited in Inteview Ad
I'm not sure how you fee, but I LOVE the Sprint Zombie!! There is just something about him. He is funny, smart and a dead sort of way....and I just can't get enough of him.
In the latest Sprint Unlimited ad, this charming Zombie, helps understand what unlimited means. LOVE IT!!
Who Has the Most Expensive Beer In Major League Baseball?
There is nothing like going to a baseball game and enjoying a hot dog and a cold beer. There is something about beer and baseball that makes it the perfect marriage. I have season tickets for the Otters at Bosse Field and the first thing I do is get a beer before heading to the seats. Concessions at…

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