Eat at Chili’s Today and Help St. Jude
WKDQ is very proud to be a supporter of the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital and many of our local businesses do their part as well. Once a year, Chili's Restaurants donates a full day worth of net profits to St. Jude and today, September 23rd is that day. So, enjoy a great meal at Chili's toda…
Indiana Granted a Federal Health-Law Waiver
According to Indiana Governor Mike Pence, the state has been granted a health-law waiver, which will temporarily allow it to oversee its own health insurance program. Indiana is the first state this year to be granted this exemption in regards to President Obama’s health-care law.
Do We Eat Too Much Fast Food? – The Numbers Are Staggering
Over the weekend, we moved into a new home and because the house was a wreck the majority of the weekend, we ate out a few times over the last few days.The crowds at fast food places any more are unbelievable and just this morning, Leslie and I found out what the greatest food in human history is...…
Woman Makes Her Own Prosthetic Leg From Legos
Christina Stephens has changed Legos forever by actually building her own prosthetic leg using nothing but Lego blocks she found in her basement. Stephens lost her foot last year and a co-worker jokingly suggested she make a leg out of Legos. Stephens took the joke as a challenge and did just that.

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