Owensboro Woman Creates Funny Wayne Hart Shirt [PHOTO]
The other night we had some terrible weather roll through the Tri-State and thanks to the meteorologists in town they helped make sure we all stayed up to date and stayed safe. Especially Eyewitness News Chief Meteorologist, Wayne Hart. Wayne had to pull an all nighter to make sure everyone in the T…
Help Travis Solve The Case Of Who Caught The Fish
Every fisherman has their "story" about their great catch. They either caught or they ALMOST caught the biggest fish ever. It just so happens that I have a fishing story that is so rare that I have to call it the 'best fishing story ever'.
Amazon Echo Serenades Pizza Guy [WATCH]
Last night the biggest comedy of errors happened at my home. First my husband worked so hard to make a nice Valentines Day dinner for us, and unfortunately it didn't pan out. It didn't cook up correctly, and it didn't taste very good so he said "lets just forget this and order a pizza" hah…

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