2012 Worst Dressed At The Oscars
The 2012 Oscars is a night where NO ONE wants to be on the worst dressed list. But, even though they have an unlimited amount of resourses to help them, some STILL drop the ball!!!!
2012 Best Dressed At The Oscars
The 2012 Oscars is like all other awards shows, fashion usually takes the main stage. Now, not everyone can win an award, but some DO win when it comes to WHAT they are wearing.
Blake And Miranda Find It Harder And Harder To Blend In
Anytime you have two celebrities dating — or married,  it’s only a matter of time before that couple realizes they have very little privacy. While Miranda Lambert and  Blake Shelton have been well known for a couple of years now, Miranda admits that her…
Blake Shelton Shows Softer Side On NBC’s ‘The Voice’
Blake Shelton became a country star on his music alone, but since he first appeared on NBC’s ‘The Voice‘ last season, his soft side made him the favored celebrity. In a recent interview, Blake talked about his role on the hit show, his marriage to Miranda Lambert and…
Full Version Of ‘Ferris Buehller’ Super Bowl Ad [VIDEO]
It used to be that we would wait for the Super Bowl to see the big commercials.  Now, we get previews and extended versions, because this is the one time a year, people are excited to watch commercials.  One of the most talked about spots is the Honda ad featuring Matthew Broderick and abo…

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