Top Grossing Romantic Comedy of All Time
Pssssst.......guys, if you want a little tip for Valentine's Day, read carefully. Nothing is sexier than a sense of humor. You combine THAT with a little romance and you will be 'baking cookies' before you know it!!! So, tonight, why not rent the most popular romantic comedy of all ti…
30 Memorable Movie Kisses [VIDEO]
Kiss is just a kiss - or is it? In a movie, an anticipated kiss can mean everything. Your own heart beats fast as you wait for the characters lips to touch. So, in honor of Valentines Day this week, let me give you some kisses.
Who Was The Most Over Exposed Celebrity of 2012
Reality TV is at an all-time high to the point of being nauseating and some of the people from these shows... don't you just want to choke 'em? It always cracks me up when someone like Kim Kardashian starts tweeting about some very tense political situation like she did when things really heated up …
Luke Bryan on the CMA Red Carpet for Ellen [VIDEO]
Luke Bryan is close to being the perfect man. What woman can resist a man who can sing, dance, has a sense of humor, is charming, intelligent AND smokin' HOT? Nobody! Not even me OR Ellen. Once again, Ellen asked Luke to be her CMA Correspondent on the Red Carpet. Take a look!
‘The Shining’ Hilarious Parody Using Apple Maps [VIDEO]
A movie staple for my family at Halloween is The Shining. You know, it doesn't matter how many times you see it, it scares the baa-gee-baas (sp? LOL) out of you everytime. While searching for all that is scary on Youtube, I finally found a way to laugh at The Shining, rather than scream!
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