Who Is the Zombie in the Sprint Commercial?
Last night during America's Got Talent on NBC, I saw the new Sprint commercial starring a hilarious, corporate type ZOMBIE! Thanks to my friend Ryan O'Bryan, from my sister station, 106.1 KISS FM, and his neverending quest to answer the questions that everybody is asking, I started to won…
Move Over Spider-Man and Make Room For Ant-Boy
You know the Spider-man story, Peter Parker, an awkward young adult who gets bitten by a spider and becomes a legendary superhero. Filmmakers in Denmark have developed a similar storyline for a new superhero movie set for release in Denmark, not involving a spider but an ant, a very special ant.
Watch Classic Movie Scenes Re-Dubbed with Spongebob Voice Actors
If your kids are like mine, they love Spongebob Square Pants. I must admit that as ridiculous as the cartoon is, the voice characterizations are very creative and funny. I found this video and it absolutely cracked me up. Imagine if the dialogue in some of the most classic movie scenes of all time w…

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