‘Big Ass Spider’ Movie Might Be The Next Cult Classic
The movie Big Ass Spider is opening, in limited release, this weekend. At first I thought, "How ridiculous!" But, after watching the trailer, I changed my mind. I think this movie may become a cult classic like Rocky Horror Picture Show, Napoleon Dymamite or Shawn of the Dead.
Who Is the Zombie in the Sprint Commercial?
Last night during America's Got Talent on NBC, I saw the new Sprint commercial starring a hilarious, corporate type ZOMBIE! Thanks to my friend Ryan O'Bryan, from my sister station, 106.1 KISS FM, and his neverending quest to answer the questions that everybody is asking, I started to won…
Move Over Spider-Man and Make Room For Ant-Boy
You know the Spider-man story, Peter Parker, an awkward young adult who gets bitten by a spider and becomes a legendary superhero. Filmmakers in Denmark have developed a similar storyline for a new superhero movie set for release in Denmark, not involving a spider but an ant, a very special ant.
Watch Classic Movie Scenes Re-Dubbed with Spongebob Voice Actors
If your kids are like mine, they love Spongebob Square Pants. I must admit that as ridiculous as the cartoon is, the voice characterizations are very creative and funny. I found this video and it absolutely cracked me up. Imagine if the dialogue in some of the most classic movie scenes of all time w…
Meet the New ‘Man of Steel’ – Henry Cavill
Ok, when it comes to superheros, it's really hard for me to pick a favorite. I just saw Ironman 3 and I must say, his quick wit and intelligence is very attractive. And, if dark and mysterious is what I'm looking for, I look to Batman. I would have to say though, that my favorite, for the moment, wo…

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