Pet Pics With Santa at the VHS
Just like your kids, your pet needs to let Santa know what they want for Christmas too. :-) This weekend, Santa wants to hear all of their barks and meows! Get the details.
22nd Annual Historic Newburgh Ghost Walks
Get ready for some Halloween adventure through downtown Newburgh! If you’ve never been on a Ghost Walk through the historic downtown area, perhaps you seriously need to consider it! Here’s 3 great reasons:
1.) It’s scary  2.) It’ll …
Spooky and Not-So Spooky HALLOWEEN EVENTS
Before trick or treating even begins at the end of the month, there will be many Halloween places and events to attend here in the tri-state area.  If you like the really scary, spooky stuff or the not-so- scary spooky stuff, there’s something for everyone to enjoy during this m…

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