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Maintaining a Healthy Diet Isn’t So Easy During the Holidays!
For most people during the holidays, it’s pretty easy to get out of control with your diet. All the homemade cookies, fudge, candy, pies, and cakes are hard to turn down!  And it’s not just the desserts either it’s the other stuff, too, like mashed potatoes, rolls and butter, …
Fresh, Homegrown, & Homemade. Support Local!
As a picky and choosy mom, for me, there's nothin' better than FRESH!  Fresh produce, fresh fruits, fresh meats, fresh baked goods and more.  Furthermore, there's nothin' better than supporting local.
If you love buying anything homegrown/homemade from our local farmers …
2015 Heathsouth Rehab Olympics
I was lucky enough to attend the annual HealthSouth Rehab Olympics on Wednesday. It is such a great time full of games, music, snacks, and on top of all of that it gives people the chance to see what it is really like to have to work around certain disabilities.
Three Women In the Car Talk About Sex….Again [WATCH]
In the WKDQ Youtube video series, Three Women In The Car, WKDQ's morning show host, Leslie Morgan, Stacey Godbold from Project Reveal and Melissa Brooks from the WKDQ Midday Show take a drive. It's not rehearsed or scripted, so anything could happen or be said! ;-)  Hold on tight; it …

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