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Deb & Travis Sample New “Mystery Peeps” [Video]
With the arrival of Easter, there are 3 new "Mystery Peeps" available at your grocery store!  I invited Travis to join me for a taste testing...I was too chicken to try them by myself! Haha!  What will the mystery flavors taste like?  Take a Peep...
How to Pair Wine with Girl Scout Cookies [VIDEO]
Which variety of wine works best with Girl Scout cookies?  Jason Watson, Assistant General Manager at the Liquor Locker educated Dave and I on so much more than just wine and cookies. He gave us a quick education in what types of wines go with what flavors and how to choose a wine that you…
Robots:They’re Taking Over!!!
If you have ever seen any of the Terminator movies, you knew that one day, machines would take over. Now it appears that they are taking over...the pizza business!

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