Support the Trails in Warrick County!
If you’ve ever been down to the Ohio River in Newburgh on a beautiful, sunny day or on the weekends, you know how busy it can be with people walking, riding a bike, or running on the trails.
2015 Heathsouth Rehab Olympics
I was lucky enough to attend the annual HealthSouth Rehab Olympics on Wednesday. It is such a great time full of games, music, snacks, and on top of all of that it gives people the chance to see what it is really like to have to work around certain disabilities.
Enjoying My After-Dinner Walks with……
After-dinner walks have become a routine favorite for my husband and me, and it’s been especially nice, lately.  During our walks, we gab about everything and we like to compare how many steps we’ve taken that day on our step-apps.  Lately, our walks have been interrupted …

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