Deb Meets Olympic Gold Medalist Lilly King!
I watched her win 2 gold medals at the Summer Olympic games.  I screamed like a crazy woman when she won!  Our town went crazy!  The whole world is crazy about her!  And it's crazy to think that I got to meet her!
Learn How To Dance with The Eville Swing Cats [WATCH]
Dancing has always been a passion of mine since my childhood years.  I owe that to my mom who taught me how to do dance the Polka, Charleston, and others.  I almost took a job as a dance instructor with Arthur Murray Dance Studios, but, turned it down to get into radio broadcasting full-ti…
Evansville Swing Cats teach East Coast Swing with Deb [WATCH]
Eight years ago, when I was still single, I had found out about The Evansville (Eville) Swing Cats, a group of dedicated and talented dancers who share their passion for teaching a variety of dances to the community.  Since then, I've learned many dances from this group!

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