Indiana Mall Bans Hoodies — Could Eastland Mall Be Next?
A controversial sign posted by an Indiana mall cautioning patrons to drop their hoodie before entering has some customers screaming discrimination. The Mounds Mall in Anderson, Indiana recently displayed signs at all of their entrances stating, “For the safety and well-being of everyone, …
Jon’s Life Rule – Always Tuck In Your Hawaiian Shirt
Leslie and I were having this discussion this morning about Hawaiian shirts because our Paddy O' Beach indoor beach party is going on right now inside the Owensboro Convention Center. It is my belief that Hawaiian shirts should be tucked in....ALWAYS... contrary to popular belief.
New Study Shows Fat Bottomed Girls Are Smarter and Healthier
Women with big rear ends are smarter and healthier than their boney butt counterparts, as a new study shows that all that cushion actually protects against diabetes and heart disease, as well as promotes well-developed brain function.
Researchers from the University of Oxford say they have discovered…
Watch the Kmart ‘Show Your Joe’ Video
Do you remember the Kmart advertising video 'Ship Your Pants.' I LOVED it!!! It cracked me up so much, I was crying. Well, Kmart is back with another funny, yet controversial, ad campaign this holiday season. This time, it's all about the boxers, 'Joe Boxers'.
The ‘Twinsie’ – A Snuggie for Two
You know, I love my husband. I give him a bad wrap sometimes on the air, but no matter what he has done to me in the past (LOL), I REALLY love him. I'm not so sure, though, that we would do well with one of these things. I sounds good on paper and looks good in the picture but I bet it wouldn&a…
Leslie’s Lovin It – Recycle Your Plastic Store Hangers
You are going to LOVE this idea!! You know how you go shopping, buy a pair of pants or a skirt and you go home with the double clip hammer too. I guess you could use it to hang your purchase up once you are home. Or, if you're like me, throw them away. Or, you could reuse them in a very cool an…

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