Jon Shows Off His Tribal Tattoo [PHOTO]
This morning, we told you about a guy with 41 Homer Simpson tattoos. We all thought that was a little odd. Heather and I agreed that although we LOVE a guy with a few tats, the tattoos we prefer are tribal tats. Heather offered to use a Sharpie and draw one on Jon's arm. Needless to say, Jon couldn'…
Leslie Has To Dance For Her Dinner [VIDEO]
While on vacation last week, my family decided, after leaving the pool, we would go to dinner at a Mexican restaurant. GREAT!! The only problem was, my bathing suit cover up didn't actually COVER me up. So, what did I do? What any good girl would do, I asked permission. :-)
Indiana Mall Bans Hoodies — Could Eastland Mall Be Next?
A controversial sign posted by an Indiana mall cautioning patrons to drop their hoodie before entering has some customers screaming discrimination. The Mounds Mall in Anderson, Indiana recently displayed signs at all of their entrances stating, “For the safety and well-being of everyone, …
Jon’s Life Rule – Always Tuck In Your Hawaiian Shirt
Leslie and I were having this discussion this morning about Hawaiian shirts because our Paddy O' Beach indoor beach party is going on right now inside the Owensboro Convention Center. It is my belief that Hawaiian shirts should be tucked in....ALWAYS... contrary to popular belief.

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