Do It Yourself

Genius Way To Wrap an Odd Shaped Gift [WATCH]
I like to pride myself on my gift wrapping skills. But, the one thing I have always struggled with is wrapping the ODD shaped gift. The wrapping always looks awful no matter what you do. It rips, it's uneven and just UGLY. This video solves this problem for good!
Travis Has Truck Problems
Ever since we had to change our clocks back, I have been trying to figure out how to do it on my truck radio. I tried everything I could possibly think last resort was to call my friend DJ to fix it. Little did I know, the answer was right in front of my face the entire time.
Travis’ Chili Dog Spaghetti-O’s [VIDEO]
Everyone who has been in college knows what it is like to have to eat on a SMALL budget. When I was in college, I had to get creative with my meals and one meal in particular was a HUGE hit among my roommates.

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