Do It Yourself

How To Wrap a Gift In Under 15 Seconds [WATCH]
How are YOU when it comes to wrapping a Christmas gift? Most people can't wrap a gift neatly AND if they try to rush, it's even worse. There is usually WAY too much wrapping paper and tape everywhere. If this sounds like you, try THIS!
How to Make the Best BBQ Ranch Burgers EVER! [VIDEO]
My best friend, Ryan is one of the best grill masters that I know. He considers himself the Julia Child of the grilling world. Having said that, I decided that I should share some of his grilling techniques with you just in time for Labor Day Weekend!
Labor Day Grilling Hacks
Fire up the grill and get ready for some incredible Labor Day eating!! Right?? Wrong! It sounds more yummy than it actually turns out. Usually, well, most every time, something goes wrong. Unless, that is, you know some cool grilling hacks! Check these out! #labordaypicnicwin

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