Get Santa’s Whereabouts on Christmas Eve!
Santa has packed his bags and is headed to the North Pole for last minute preparations. He's going to make his annual trip around the world Thursday night. So, how do you keep up with him on the big night so you don't get passed up if you aren't in bed...
Where to Buy an Ugly Christmas Sweater in Evansville and Online
So you have probably heard that ugly Christmas sweater parties are the holiday rave. And if you've been invited to an office or other social get together that requires an “Ugly Christmas Sweater” I've got the best online go-to places to find the most entertaining ugly Christmas…
Genius Way To Wrap an Odd Shaped Gift [WATCH]
I like to pride myself on my gift wrapping skills. But, the one thing I have always struggled with is wrapping the ODD shaped gift. The wrapping always looks awful no matter what you do. It rips, it's uneven and just UGLY. This video solves this problem for good!

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