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Justin Moore & Lee Brice American Made Tour Presale Code!
WKDQ is proud to welcome Justin Moore and Lee Brice to Evansville on April 21st! They will be bringing their co-headlining tour “American Made” to the Ford Center.  Brett Young will be the opening act!  Tickets go on sale on February 3, but we've got a special pre-sale cod…
Using Uber in Evansville [WATCH]
Yesterday my friends and I decided it would be fun to test out Uber in Evansville! Most of us have Uber-d (past tense?) before, but since Uber just got to Evansville, none of us have ever Ubered in our home town, so yesterday we decided to give it a shot!
How To Uber
Need a ride? Uber is now in Evansville!! If you are unsure or confused about how Uber works, it's basically this, starts with you Uber trip pickup location and ends at your destination. Let us help walk you through the in-between steps.
Guilty Dog Gets Caught Red Handed! [VIDEO]
Dogs are funny creatures, aren't they?  One minute you're thinking "what would I do without you?" and the very next they are getting into the trash.  Yesterday I came home to a huge mess in my kitchen! But I figured out who the culprit was immediately.

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