Smile! It’s Good for Your Heart
Ever been told to “grin and bear it” during a rough time? According to a new study by researchers at the University of Kansas, that advice might be more than just an old cliché. In fact, the study says, smiling might just be good for your heart.
Grace Potter — Crush of the Day
Grace Potter is a talented and gorgeous musician who fronts roots rock outfit Grace Potter and the Nocturnals. And when we call here talented, we mean it – Potter sings, writes, and she plays guitar, the electric piano, organ and several other instruments.
Sara Evans Shares Picture of Herself Without Makeup
Sara Evans is simply beautiful — and no, we’re not just referring to when she’s on the red carpet, looking smashing in a glitzy dress and perfect makeup. Recently, the singer took a chance and shared this picture of herself without a drop of foundation or mascara on her face.
Taylor Swift Goes Brunette for CoverGirl
Taylor Swift isn’t the kind of girl who gets stuck in a beauty rut. Just when we get used to a signature Swift hairstyle or makeup routine, she’s bound to change it up on us. Last year, she threw country music fans a curveball by cutting straight bangs into her previously always-curly blonde hair. N…

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