Where to Find the Best Prom Dresses in Evansville
Even though it is hard to believe, it is almost that time of year again. Before we know it, the school year will be wrapping up, which means prom is just around the corner!
For just about every girl, prom is something we look forward to before we even enter high school territory. And as every girl kn…
Watch The Seasons Change In A Minute [VIDEO]
After living in Florida for a year, I really began to appreiciate the changing of the seasons. Growing up in the Midwest, I expect to play in the snow in the winter, watch football -sitting on bleachers  while drinking hot chocolate while wrapped in a blanket in the fall, smell the flowers blooming …
Smile! It’s Good for Your Heart
Ever been told to “grin and bear it” during a rough time? According to a new study by researchers at the University of Kansas, that advice might be more than just an old cliché. In fact, the study says, smiling might just be good for your heart.

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