Show Your Best Yoga Face This Year
It's 2014 and time to make the usual commitment to looking better in the new year. I came across this video that at first glance, seemed like the dumbest video ever. Then, I watched the video and couldn't stop laughing until it dawned on me that some people, women especially would want to …
Watch an Elephant Paint a Picture As Well As Any Human Artist
We all know that animals can do amazing things and I am not talking about circus animals or sea creatures at Sea World. There is however, an elephant camp in Thailand with a couple of very special elephants with a very special and unique artistic talent....they can paint. Boy, can they paint!
Hot Girl vs Fishing is No Competition at All
Every man in my family LOVES fishing. Fishing for them is therapy, their spa and a quiet place to wind down and relieve stress. And, I honestly think, (as hard as it is to believe for you NON fishers) if given the choice, they would choose fishing over baking cookies. ;-) Really! THAT is how mu…

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