On our Facebook page today, we posted a JON AND LESLIE WANT TO KNOW about your favorite candy for Halloween. Well, one of our listeners, I'm not naming names...Christie Conley Schaeffer, (lol) couldn't resist bring up CANDY CORN, just to annoy me!! ;-) I HATE CANDY CORN!!! Grosses me out!!!!!!! YUCK!!!

And, in searching the internet for interesting things to talk about and show you, I found the only Candy Corn I will EVER like.... The Zombie Candy Corn. Artist Andrew Bell,  of the Creatures in my Head, after 8 years, has brought one of his sketches to ‘life’. His 2003 drawing titled The Return of the Children of the Candy Corn of the Damned II features a zombie candy corn which he has now made into  3D sculptures titled Out Out Damned Corn. The one pictured is called Patient 0 and will be available along with one other piece in the Stranger Factory’s Halloween show.

LOVE IT!!!!   Isn't he cute??  HAHA

To see morepics of him, click here!