Zombie themed events are growing in popularity everyday from proms to marches to film festivals have become all the rage. A new craze that is drawing zombie fans by the thousands that involves getting through an obstacle course that is infested with zombies - it's called the Course, and this is like no other obstacle course you have ever seen.

Runners try to make their way through pools of fake blood, duck under electrified wires and try to avoid letting the zombies steal their 'health flags' worn on a belt around the runners' waist. A runner starts out with three flags and when the flags are gone, you are ruled dead and are not eligible for any awards at the end of the 5K race.

At a recent run in Knightstown, Indiana, Daniel Smith found himself dodging about 20 groaning, glassy-eyed zombies with oozing facial wounds and streaks of red splattered on their clothes. Smith paid about $87 to run, while the zombie actors paid about $25, but were given free make-up jobs and free beer for those over 21.

The zombies get to create their own outfits, but the organizers do their make-up, including pale skin, sunken eyes and fake blood which is a mix of corn syrup, cornstarch and food coloring that is splashed on their outfits...very cool.

Bottom line, this is a great, fun event that you will never forget which actually makes exercising fun!! By the way, only about 20% of the racers cross the finish line with at least one of their three flags left. The first race was held last year in Baltimore, Md. and drew about 12,000 people. I say we do one of these at Garvin Park. Below is a promo video about the run and what to expect.