Bubble wrap is probably one of the most underrated items in society. We just moved and used a ton of bubble wrap for dishes and breakables, but bubble wrap is great for practical jokes, which in turn, can be a big stress reliever. Outside of the obvious uses for the wrap, other uses are only limited by your imagination. Like the time at another radio station when I received a big plaque in the mail from a record company that was wrapped in the large size bubble wrap. I didn't want to just throw it out so, I figured the best thing to do would to be sneak into to the on air studio and wait for our midday girl to start talking. I would then twist the bubble wrap, making the bubbles pop in rapid succession and scare the crap out of her. It worked like a charm, so well in fact, she used a word on air that begins with 'S'.....totally awesome.

Magician and comedian Eric Buss found a way to relieve stress and tick off his neighbors at the same time with the bubble wrap bike, that must be seen to fully appreciate...I want one!!! See for yourself.