Soccer is a very popular sport here in the U.S., but nowhere near as popular as it is in Europe. We have some great soccer teams right here in the Tri-State, like the Memorial high school girl's soccer program for instance. Personally, I am not a huge soccer fan and have a hard time watching it because of the complete lack of scoring. I do love watching little kids play soccer, but the really little ones look so bored and are so easily distracted. The cure for that might just be a fun new fad that is sweeping Europe right now...Bubble Football.

The players insert themselves into a giant inflatable plastic bubble with only their legs exposed so they can run. The object is the same as regular soccer, but watching these players slam into each other is hilarious. Can't you just see the little ones having the time of their lives playing THIS game at the Goebel Soccer Complex? I might even pay to see this at the Ford Center... OK, I wouldn't pay, but it looks fun nonetheless. Check it out.