Recently, my step-daughter and I got into a discussion about her shorts. She's 16 - almost 17 and believes that very short shorts (or booty shorts) are okay and her dad and I are being unreasonable. I'm a little older than her and think that some of the shorts that many girls wear now leave a little too little to the imagination. I also think some of the itsy bitsy bikinis are too revealing as well.

It's kind of amazing how many sexual predators there are right outside your front door and I, for one, would rather not invite trouble. Plus, I'd like to preserve my daughter's childhood for as long as I can. Her wardrobe plays a key role in this.

Looking back, until recently I would have been all for the booty shorts (perhaps I sported a pair or two in my lifetime) and maybe that's what age and cellulite does for you - gives you a different perspective. Of course, with the amount of young girls I see running around in booty shorts and string bikinis I guess I must be in the minority. Have most parents become okay with allowing their daughters to dress like this?

What do you think? Have shorts become too short on young girls? Am I being unreasonable?