Sadly, on Friday, actress Bonnie Franklin passed away after her battle with pancreatic cancer - she was 69. Bonnie is probably best remembered for playing 'Ann Romano' on the CBS sitcom 'One Day at a Time.' The show was a huge part of my childhood. My mom, like Ann, had red hair, I wanted to look just like Valerie Bertinelli and the story took place in Indiana. It was also my first glimpse of a woman who was divorced. (I know...crazy, but true) Little did I know, that someday, I would be just like her.

After my divorce, when I moved to a new city without a support system, I often thought about the show and how the character, Ann, handled the everyday problems of a single mom, with love, humor, wit, intelligence, compassion strength and fear. The most important of which is fear. Her character taught me that fear was ok - and scared I was!!! Thank you Bonnie Franklin for your HONEST portrayal of a woman many of us had never met, but that we ALL needed to see.

No sitcom work would be complete without a bloopers reel! LOL