Blake Shelton became a country star on his music alone, but since he first appeared on NBC’s ‘The Voice‘ last season, his soft side made him the favored celebrity. In a recent interview, Blake talked about his role on the hit show, his marriage to Miranda Lambert and why he didn’t know how to get to his own home when he was living in L.A.

“I felt a little like the black sheep, he tells Redbook about his beginnings on ‘The Voice.’ " All of a sudden I was having conversations with people I had only read about in tabloids, and they’re just normal people. And they know who I am, and that I [was] getting married to Miranda, and they know who she is. It was surreal.”

When asked if he’s the Paula Abdul of the show, Blake replied, “You mean because of my alcohol consumption?" LMAO THAT'S onr reason I love Blake!!!!