Billy Currington has  just announced he will be headlining his  very first tour next year, taking along his Universal Music Group labelmates David Nail and Kip Moore. Now THAT'S a BUFFET OF HOTNESS!! ;-)

Billy has learned a thing or two about what it takes to headline a major tour, as the singer has shared the bill with many A-list artists over the past few years, including the Carrie Underwood,  Zac Brown Band and, most recently, Kenny Chesney on his Goin’ Coastal tour.

“There is a lot to be learned from people like Kenny,” Currington told Taste of Country over the summer. “The way he has handled his organization, the type of people around him that he’s hired and the way he has just built a whole organization, whether it’s the parking lot for tailgating or backstage set up or just the way the floor plan is laid out for the shows. I’ve been watching all that stuff … how he connects with his fans, song after song after song. Every night I’m on the side of the stage taking mental notes, and I feel naturally that it will be things that I do in the future.”

No Tour dates and cities for the tour have been announced. (Keep your fingers crossed for Eville and the Ford Center!!!!!!) Taste of Country will have all the latest.....soon! :-)