Growing up, my best memories usually involved one of two things - summer or Christmas. Everything else is kind of a blur...

One of my top ten memories was heading across the river to the Reo Drive-In in my best friend's parents' blue van where we experiences (and were TERRIFIED of) Large Marge in Pee Wee's Big Adventure! I remember racing our bicycles up and down the quarter-mile gravel road next to my parents house on a warm evening and feeling like I could fly. Finally, I remember taking a very long trip to Arizona with my whole family. They invested in a travel television with a VCR and I recorded all the Saturday morning cartoons for a month but after about 40 hours of driving, even Bugs and Elmer couldn't extinguish the extreme boredom.

We polled the staff and put together a list of our favorite summer nostalgia. Check it out and tell us what you would add!