I like to think that I'm a thoughtful husband every now and then, but I'm not here to brag on myself (much).  I just wanted to share the great work of local folks that helped me surprise my wife as we came home from the hospital with our second child.

Because of the quick turnaround on our two kids, with one being born last February and this one coming on April 11th, my wife hasn't had time to take care of her flowers and landscaping like she's wanted to.  As a matter of fact, the landscaping at our house was a big mess.  I wanted to do something special for her, so I called Jerry Benton, the owner of Benton's Garden Center on Highway 60 East in Henderson.  I have made many stops into Benton's to visit Sweet Pea's Gift Shop, run by Jerry's wife, Audrey, but this was the first time dealing with Jerry for landscaping.  When I told him what I wanted to do, he jumped right in and told me he would definitely have it done to surprise my wife when she got out of the hospital.  With no questions asked (or needed), Jerry himself, measured my yard and went back to design something special.  Not only was my wife surprised when we pulled in the drive, so was I!  I am so impressed with not only the beautiful job that Benton's did for me, but also impressed with the dedication to make sure the job was done in time to be special for us.   I'd love to show off the awesome work they did on my yard!