Every so often you see a video that makes you say, "no way he just did that." Have you ever heard of noodling? Noodling is basically fishing with your bare hands and believe it or not, but some people are very skilled at this. In fact, I think there is some kind of reality show about noodling. What do you call quail hunting with your bare hands? First and foremost, I would call it amazing if it actually ever happened and it has! I actually had to watch this video a couple of times to make sure I saw what I thought I saw.

The guy in the below video is out quail hunting with his buddies when a rogue quail flies to within his reach. The hunter, just as casually as can be, puts his hand up and catches the quail in mid-flight like this is something he does everyday. He is like the Mr. Miyagi of quail hunters. This is definitely a Sportscenter Top 10 moment...incredible and I'm sure a one in a million shot. See for yourself.