For awhile now, we've been hearing mixed reviews on both Jason Aldean and Colt Ford's version of "Dirt Road Anthem." We have received a massive amount of comments on Facebook and our phone lines have been lit up for a while now over this issue.   I've decided to take it down the dirt road and place both of them in the ring.

Lets get this started! I want a clean fight though, so make sure you listen to both songs!

First to step into the ring...  All the way from Hicktown, leaving his Big Green Tractor at home. Ladies and Gentleman... Jason Aldean!

Next to step into the ring... Taking a "Ride Through the Country" and blending "Hip Hop in a Honky Tonk" at the same time is what this guy does on a daily basis.  Ladies and Gentlemen... Colt Ford!

Now it is  time for all the Aldean Army members to stand up and for the "Cult" of Fords to unite and join an epic voting battle in country music!

Should we be playing Colt Ford's version? If so, Which version should we play more?

Comment Away!